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Still No Ruling In Easterling Case

There has still been no ruling in the case against Trenton Easterling.

Easterling, 17, is charged with murdering and robbing his fellow Mercer County Senior High School student Tristan Cole in April 2016. He appeared before Judge Darren Peckler Tuesday afternoon.

In November 2016, Easterling’s public defender asked the Judge Peckler to suppress Easterling’s taped interrogation, saying neither he nor his mother were properly mirandized prior to the questioning.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Richie Bottoms argued investigators followed proper procedure and apprised the defendant and his mother and legal guardian, Melissa Easterling, of his constitutional rights before the interrogation on April 14.

However, in testimony the investigators admitted they did not ask the Easterlings to sign a formal waiver before the interrogation began.

Peckler gave the defense and the prosecution until Dec. 9 to file written arguments, but has still not ruled whether the tape is admissible or not. The judge did rule Easterling competent to stand trial on Dec. 13.

On Tuesday, Bottoms informed Judge Peckler investigators were still waiting on forensic evidence. Both sides will return to district court on Tuesday, March 14, at 1:30 p.m.

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