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Park Board considering smoking ban

nosmokingparkMolly Hogan

Herald Staff

“I’ve been asked to bring up one thing from community members and it’s about making the park completely smoke free,” Anderson-Dean Community Park boardmember Jimmy Drakeford said at their monthly meeting on Monday Dec. 12.

“I’ve seen people in wheelchairs, having smoke blown right in their face. People just don’t have the decency. There are some people that will step away and go smoke, but there are a ton that do not. Even my dad when he was sick and had an oxygen tank, people were smoking right beside him. You would think people would have the common sense not to, but they don’t,” Drakeford said.

Right now there are signs posted throughout the park that state, “No smoking in  bleacher area.” However Drakeford said those signs leave visitors with a lot of gray area. By implementing the policy, the board will be help to remove those gray areas.

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