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Kindergartners Share Their Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is a time for spending countless hours in the kitchen and quality time around the dinner table. Everyone has their special family recipes they bring out for the holidays, but not everyone is willing to share their secrets. However the little ones of Mercer County Elementary have graciously passed along their recipes for cooking turkey.

Listed below are the names of students in Mrs. Emily Daniels, Mrs. Bridgette Logue and Mrs. Dawn Camic’s kindergarten classes and their recipes for Thanksgiving Turkey:

Collin Chriswell- The farmer gets a bone and a big brown thing. He cooks it and it’s done. It’s ready to be eaten at my cousin’s house.

Zander Claunch- When I put it in the oven, the thing goes “beep” and my parents take it out and I eat it. It tastes really good like chicken.

Landon Cole- Put it in the oven for three minutes or four minutes. When it’s done and it’s not burned and clear, you can eat it.

Carlos Garcia- You put it in your sink and let it get the frost off. You cook it by putting water in it and sour cream. Then put turkey in the stove. Cook it. It can take eight or ten minutes.

Madilynn Grant- We get the turkey from the farm.  You get the skin off and you get the bone and then cook it in the oven. Eat it.

Emily Hall- You cook turkey in a big thing. Then you put water in. Then put milk in. Put sour cream in.  Then put some cheese and meat.

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