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Mercer Offensive Line Enjoys Doing the Dirty Work

The seniors on the Mercer County offensive line hope to make their final year in Titans uniforms their best. Pictured, left to right: Aubrey Jones, Wesley Bird, Chase Logue, Collin Miracle and Gage Young.

Daarik Gray

Herald Staff

It takes a special person to be an offensive lineman. They often get beat and bruised worse than any player on a team throughout the course of a game. They have a small margin of error. They don’t show up in box scores or get the recognition like most other players. Without them, though, it would be impossible for any team to succeed.

The Mercer County offensive line doesn’t care whether they turn on the news at 11 p.m. on a Friday night and see themselves making a crucial block. They enjoy getting to watch highlights of Donald ‘D’ Smith and Grayson Blevins running the ball into the end zone. Because they know, without them, those highlights wouldn’t happen.

“They never are once bitter about not being in the limelight. They understand that doing their job to the best of their abilities might get our running backs, our quarterbacks or our receivers in the news a little more, but they are really the unsung heros of the team,” said offensive line coach Charlie Cox, who also serves as the defensive end coach.

“Even as a lineman at a young age, you’ve got to know that you’re not going to be the most popular player out there, but you’re a necessary part of the team,” said senior Collin Miracle, who plays tackle for the Titans.

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