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Moore Fulfills Dream of Becoming a Division-1 Athlete

Chase Moore recently committed to running track for Eastern Kentucky University. Moore helped lead the Mercer County track and field team to a state championship in May.

Daarik Gray

Herald Staff

There were times during his high school years that Chase Moore thought his athletic career was over. There were times when he was exhausted. There were times he wanted to give up. But something inside of him pushed him through all of the pain from the multiple injuries he suffered during his high school career. That something helped him fulfill his dream of becoming a Division-1 athlete, as he recently committed to run track and field at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU).
Moore suffered two dislocated shoulders, including one in which he was transported off the football field on a stretcher and rushed to the emergency room during his junior season. He also suffered numerous serious leg injuries, including a severely pulled hamstring this spring during track season.
“I had a real tough career with injuries, so without a doubt it crossed my mind several times that it was all over. After going through all of those injuries and having surgery, it just kind of puts those negative thoughts in the back of your mind,” said Moore.
But with help from his family and his coaches, each time he fell down, Moore stood back up, determined to come back stronger than he was before.
“My parents have just always supported me. They never let me stop, and when I was down, they were the first people there to help pick me back up,” said Moore. “My coaches never gave up on me. They never threw me aside when I got hurt. I can’t thank them enough for sticking with me through all of those tough times.
As frustrated as Moore was each time he got injured, he reflects on those moments and thinks they helped him in the long run.

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