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Yeast brings passion to Mercer track

Mercer County track and field coach Terry Yeast hopes his team can bring home a state championship in 2016.

Daarik Gray
Herald Staff

There is no denying new Mercer County track and field coach Terry Yeast has a passion for the sport. He walks around proudly in his blue Mercer County track and field jacket and lights up when you ask him about taking over as the man in charge.

“Track is truly my heart. When the opportunity became available I just wanted to see the program flourish and see it grow,” said Yeast. “I really felt like it was the right time (to become a head track coach). I have a daughter that’s in high school that is participating. I’ve got one that is in middle school that has been running, so I just felt that the time was right.”

His passion has helped him take a team that has had little success in recent years and made them potential contenders for a state title.

“The goal for the boys is a state championship. We definitely want a regional championship,” said Yeast. “The girls are really young, but I think the future is really bright for the girls. I want the girls to be really competitive in the regional competition and to get some girls to the state meet and have some positive results.”

Yeast said as soon as he took over the program he knew there was a lot of potential in the school system, it was just a matter of getting them to join the team.

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