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Bradshaw’s Work Ethic Lands Him on College Football Roster

Mercer County senior Braxton Bradshaw, front row, center, signed to play football at Campbellsville University. Bradshaw credits his mother, who passed away on Feb. 15, 2009, for being the inspiration when he steps on the field.

Braxton Bradshaw finished with 437 tackles, two interceptions, one fumble recover, 635 rushing yards and 10 total touchdowns in his high school football career

Daarik Gray
Herald Staff

Almost seven years ago, Mercer County senior Braxton Bradshaw faced the most unimaginable pain ever, losing a parent. On Friday, just three days before the seven year anniversary of his mothers death, Bradshaw made one of the biggest decisions of his life, as he chose to sign to play football at Campbellsville University. 

“I was in fifth grade (when she passed away),” said Bradshaw. 

The senior, who totaled 437 tackles in his four years at Mercer County, credits his mom, Tifanee Patton Bradshaw, for getting him started in the game.

“I had come home from school and I was taking a nap. She woke me up and gave me a pair of football cleats and a water bottle and told me that I started practice on that Monday,” said Bradshaw. “So that is how it all started.” 

Ever since stepping on the field in his new cleats, holding his new water bottle, Bradshaw hasn’t wanted to stop playing football.

If he continues to play like he did the past four years as a Mercer County Titan, than he shouldn’t have to stop anytime soon.

“He is just an unbelievable kid. No task his too big for him,” said Mercer County offensive coordinator Brian Rowland. “It is just amazing how he seems to make everyone else seem so much better when he is on the field with them.”

This signing had an even more special meaning to Rowland. Not only did he coach Bradshaw for the last four seasons, he also played football at Campbellsville University. The coach recruiting Bradshaw, Rick  Gehres, was Rowland’s roommate for three years.

“I contacted him about Braxton a couple of months ago, and he contacted me back and told me they were interested. So we’ve been in contact back and forth and everything just worked out perfect,” said Rowland. “I couldn’t be happier for Braxton.”

Campbellsville went 8-3 in 2015, but with the addition of players like Bradshaw, they should only continue improving.

“He is such a high-character guy. He is always going to give you great effort and will lead by example,” said Mercer County Head Coach David Buchanan. “He did such a great job leading our defense this season, and there is no doubt that the strength of our team was our defense. He is the guy that it started with.”

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