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Nocus Makes Move to Professional Soccer Academy

Ayden Nocus, 12, moved to Dallas to join the FC Dallas Soccer Academy Dec. 28.

Ayden Nocus is only 12-years-old, but he is already one of the most skilled soccer players that Mercer County has ever seen.

Nocus, who is in seventh grade, recently made the move to Dallas in hopes of improving his already advanced soccer skills. He and his mother, Shelly, packed up and headed down to Dallas on Sunday, Dec. 28, so that he can join the FC Dallas Soccer Academy.

“We discussed this opportunity with our daughter, Kylee, who is in high school. She is very attached to her friends and cheerleading and did not want to make the move. My husband, Monte, is a Chiropractor and he has been in practice here for over 20 years. He is very dedicated to his patients and didn’t feel he could make the move either. So we decided as a family that just two of us would go and see how it works out,” said Shelly Nocus.

FC Dallas is a professional soccer team in Major League Soccer (MLS), located in Frisco, Texas. 

Ayden, who attended King Middle School until the end of this past semester, will start classes at his new school, Lamar Hunt Middle School,  Friday, Jan. 5.

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