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Young Archer Shoots with Passion

Levi Patton’s dedication to archery helped him finish in top spots in state and national archery competitions.

In today’s society, the pastimes of American youth are often spent on video games and the Internet. Much time is wasted on things that keep kids inside and stuck to a TV screen and so little is spent on doing things that keep them active and outdoors. This, however, is not the case for one Mercer County boy. 

Levi Patton is a sixth grader at King Middle School with a passion for archery. He has been shooting since he was 8 years old and realized his love for the sport when he went to an archery camp some years back.

“I went to the camp and during that time I realized that I loved archery,” he said during a recent interview.  

He and his cousin, a student in Anderson County, are the only ones in their family who shoot, but they are well supported by their family and have an amazing drive to do what they love.  Patton’s parents are Stanley and Angie Patton of Mercer County.

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