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Kirk Brings New Style to Burgin

Jared Holt

Herald Staff

After six consecutive seasons under longtime Head Coach Don Irvine, the Burgin Bulldogs boys basketball program will begin the 2012-13 season with first year Head Coach Brian Kirk manning the reigns.

Similar to Irvine, Kirk grew up playing high school ball at Augusta High School. Kirk went on to play four years of collegiate basketball at Union College in Barbourville. 

“Being familiar with a small program from my high school days at Augusta really gave me and edge coming to Burgin,” said Kirk. “It’s a unique situation working with a small group of kids and knowing you’re not going to have the same numbers to pick from as some of the larger schools we will be facing. Going against some of those bigger schools, you just want to be able to compete and hopefully put yourself in a position at the end of the game to pull one out.

Following his college career, he took over the middle school program at Barboursville Independent and spent the last two seasons as head coach of the Knox entraly freshman team, as well as, an assistant to the varsity team under Brian Evans. 

In his time with the Panther program, he compiled a 41-21 record which included back to back 51st District championships.

While Kirk and Irvine are familiar with small programs, the similarities of their coaching styles stop there. 

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