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Mercer All Comers Results

Jared Holt

Herald Staff

The Titans and Lady Titans cross country teams each finished in second place at Tuesday’s meet held at the Anderson-Dean Community Park.

The Titans finished second out of five teams in an extremely close race. The Pirates of Berea took first place with a team time of 1:37:47.55. The Titans came in at a time of 1:43:43.10, just 12 seconds ahead of third place Casey County. The Burgin Bulldogs finished fifth with a time of 1:49:20.73.

Listed below are place, name, school and time of individual male runners from Burgin and Mercer:

3rd, Bryant Qualls, Mercer, 18:43.70; 4th, Dean Tyler, Mercer, 19:05.77; 8th, Charles Holsinger, Burgin, 19:41.99; 20th, Jacob Crowell, Mercer, 21:15.06; 21st, Jordan Woods, Mercer, 21:17.60; 25th, Cooper Shearer, Burgin, 21:55.10; 26th, Trevor Lay, Burgin, 22:20.83. 

30th, Michael McKenzie, Burgin, 22:40.69; 31st, Zachary Curtsinger, Burgin, 22:42.12; 36th, Alex Burkhead, Mercer, 23:20.97; 40th, Cole Curtsinger, Burgin, 24:50.60; 43rd, John Yankey, Mercer, 25:46.50; 45th, Cade Shearer, Burgin, 24:24.88; 46th, Wesley Stewart, Mercer, 27:01.68; 49th, Daniel Baker, Burgin, 27:34.18. 

51st, Luke Cecil, Mercer, 29:13.67; 54th, Kaleb McDonald, Mercer, DNF.

In the girl’s race it was Rockcastle County edging out Mercer for the top spot with 1:58:12.91 with the Lady Titans finishing with a time of 2:12:10.16.

Listed below are place, name and time of individual female runners from Mercer:

2nd, Taylor Gray, 22:38.35; 7th, Cora Teets, 24:00.52; 14th, Tori Gray, 26:08.90; 15th, Allie Crowell, 27:10.59; 24th, Brooke Lawson, 32:11.80.

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