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Chilton Takes Top Spot in Points Race, Brummett Holds Eighth Spot

Jared Holt

Herald Staff

The Ponderosa Speedway kicked off the 2012 Memorial Day holiday weekend with the Red Clay Bash event for Good Neighbor Pharmacy Late Models. 

Mike Jewell and Victor Lee brought the Good Neighbor Pharmacy Late Model 35 lap, Red Clay Bash to the green flag, with Jewell jumping to the top spot with Lee and Aaron Ridley giving chase. 

Jewell began to pull away from the pack as he began lapping slower cars on lap 10 before the caution flag was waved for a multi-car incident in turn two involving Tommy Carlton, John Minon Jr., and James Rice, but all drivers were able to continue the race. 

Once green flag racing continued, Lee begin to challenge Jewell for the race lead as the pair of drivers started lapping slower traffic again on lap 18.  Jewell and Lee shuffled back and forth for the race lead. 

On lap 27, Lee scooted beneath Jewell entering turn three making what would be the winning pass.  Lee was able to pull away from Jewell and the rest of the field for  the remaining eight laps of the event,  taking his first victory of the season. 

Jewell and Todd Coffman traded second place three times in the final two laps, with Coffman finishing in second and Jewell settelling for third.  Aaron Ridley and Michael Chilton completed the top five finishing fourth and fifth respectively.  Positions sixth through 10th finished in order as follows;  Jeremy Hines, Dustin Linville, Johnny Wheeler, Mike Strunk and Skylar Marlar.  

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